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   Enhancing Global Avian Influenza Networks

Welcome to FLU-LAB-NET

FLU-LAB-NET is a private community funded by the European Union to provide enhanced collaboration facilities for veterinary and public health laboratories and scientists to discuss Avian Influenza. 
Who can join the FLU-LAB-NET community ?
The community is split into a number of separate forums with a range of private discussions restricted to:
  • EU National Reference Laboratories (NRL) only;
  • FLU-LAB-NET partners only; and
  • Global participants.
Membership of NRL and FLU-LAB-NET partner forums is restricted and requests must be routed through your own laboratory contact. Please email flulabnet.admin@apha.gov.uk if you do not know who your contact is.  Global participants can also request registration using this email address.
All community members are allocated a personal sign-in name and password to access the appropriate forums, downloads, and photo galleries.
What Can I Do Here?
  • Discussion forums

Forums are provided to discuss topics of interest related to avian and mammalian influenza and to share your ideas and views. NRLs and FLU-LAB-NET partners are provided with their own private forums to discuss specific topics. The moderators may setup ad hoc forums with specific membership if required.

  • Downloads

A library of useful online documentation will be maintained as part of FLU-LAB-NET. EU Reference Laboratories are provided with a further private download area for NRL specific documentation.

  • Photo galleries

A master gallery is maintained by the VLA. Any suggestions for additions or further galleries can be routed via the FLU-LAB-NET email address: flulabnet.admin@apha.gov.uk, or you can post a suggestion to the forum and see what others think.  

Posting policy

Due to the immediate nature of this medium, The VLA does not proactively review, censor, approve, edit, or endorse information placed on this forum. However FLU-LAB-NET moderators will periodically review information placed on this forum and contact members if material is considered to be inappropriate. By posting material on this discussion board, you agree to this policy prohibiting indecent, offensive, or advertising material and to legally assume full and sole responsibility for your post.